June 25, 2008

my playlist

1.the beatles "I've just seen a face" this song was played in movie "Across the Universe", which I watched recently.

2. the teenagers "french kiss" this song cheers up me.

3. babyshamles "unbilotitled" anyways Pete is awesome!

4. those dancing days "run run" pretty girls makes a lovely music. especially love hair of vocalist.

5. the knife "neverland" this song for my specially mood. i often listen it when draw.

6. dave dee, dozy, beaky, mick & tich "hold tight" this one i love because : a.i love 60s; b. because this song one of my favourite from OST Death Proof

7. the smiths "bigmouth strikes again" great sound from 80s.

P.S. thanks the_Kitten for tagged.


  1. I am waiting so desperately for more to come out by Those Dancing Days, her vocals are sort of unique!!!

    As controversial Pete Doherty gets, as good are the Babyshambles.

    I love the Smiths!! Evergreens!

  2. I listened to all the things I have not known before, and I must say now I am SO hooked on French Kiss - I LOVE it! Thanks for the new favorite song!


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