December 1, 2008


by Ryan Mcginley


  1. Wow... I love how she looks very free and natural.. love this

  2. hey.
    yes it's right we met on lb and chictopia. i had the same feeling about u.
    funny, if u look on my chictopia blog, the first pic i posted was one of kate from ryan mcginley too. i really love ryan mcginley.
    i tried to join u on facebook earlier but i think u dont really check yours! hehe. i wanna show u this website, go on my page and click on ithoughtiwasalone, a friend of mine create this collectif of photographers. i really like carlotta, jonnie, lele, camilla, guido, nacho, tania.. they are really good.
    alright. good. hope u well.
    xx sid.


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