February 6, 2009

ashley stymest: i play in a 50's style rock and roll band.

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  1. what a dickhead he is. Homosexual too!

  2. Nooo is is not, he is so cute:)and everyone is jealous of him, he so cool and rich

  3. hes very amazingly good look usually model look lyk dummys its all about individuality and he has that nd its nice to acctaully see a skinny male model instead ov the muscle marys who walk dwn cat walk lyk they have jst been bummed nd he aint homosexual but if he was hes 1st on my list for a date lol

  4. he's such a little banger. he's pretty much perfect right?

  5. I love him. so fucking turn off that he's like 16, 17 though

  6. He's an egotistical dick with no brains.

  7. haha ashley is an old skool friend of mine.
    he's safe as.
    obv he's fucking crazy but then that why we got along.

  8. Hmm, I have to say, I've know him for long, and I've only just discovered that hes somehow famous in some way?
    He's thick as shit, funny as fuck and just a joker.
    Perye, when did ash get famous and why are millions of women including peaches geldof after him!?!
    Is it because we know him that i dont get it? What is this!!!
    Oh, it's little Vicky btw :)


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